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Creators Of Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™)

The first enterprise-grade platform for planning, executing, and managing global financial transactions in over 100 currencies with 24/7 availability.

Our Mission Okoora is dedicated to enabling businesses of all types and sizes to streamline their currency-related processes, manage growth with greater predictability, and eliminate wasted financial costs.
The Company

Okoora is the creator of Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™), a cloud-based platform that simplifies the complexity in currency management by unifying all tasks, services, and transactions over an intuitive financial infrastructure.

A true fintech innovator, we empower businesses of all kinds to see the unseen across their global accounts and derive greater value from their cross-border transactions with less effort.

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Our Story

Businesses have a difficult time staying current with their multi-currency operations.

There are too many accounts to maintain. Too many cross-border transactions to keep track of. And far too much money squandered on volatile exchange rates and unfair banking fees that even savvy executives don’t see coming.

We looked out at the fintech landscape and saw a gaping void that begged to be filled.

There isn’t a single ERP-like platform that aggregates all the functionality required for comprehensive, business currency management for companies operating on the global stage.

So, at Okoora, we rose to the challenge and created a new category and platform.

Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) is a complete, cloud-based financial infrastructure for businesses of all types and sizes and at every stage of growth. It provides a clear, birds-eye view of the multiple accounts and currencies you juggle across your enterprise’s global activities at any given moment.

ABCM™ offers a simplified approach to planning, executing, and managing cross-border currency transactions.

We aggregated all the currency transactions you require over an intuitive, AI-powered platform. Send and receive local and global payments. Open fee-less local accounts in 100+ currencies in virtually every global locale where you do business. Take complete command of your cashflow. Create informed, real-time currency risk management strategies that significantly reduce your enterprise’s exposure to fluctuating exchange rates.

ABCM™ is a global, regulatory-compliant platform that frees you from being at the mercy of your local bank.

We laid the groundwork for you. ABCM™ grants you automated access to the world’s top-tier trade rooms. It leverages the collective knowledge, insights, and performance capabilities of a thousand experienced finance professionals in its algorithms.

It enables you to see currency trends as they unfold and make smarter decisions that suit your strategic needs.

From managing currency risks and cashflows, to enabling full transparent collaboration across your global teams, Okoora delivers on its promise of Currency Simplified.

Join Okoora to stay au courant with the currency trends driving your business.

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