Balance sheet hedging - Okoora - Currency Simplified.

It’s A Balancing Act.

Protecting multi-currency denominated equity keeps you on guard. Currency market volatility hinders your efforts to maintain stability and plan ahead. Enacting a hedging policy that takes your currency-indexed balance sheet projections and market variables into consideration is formidable. To make matters worse, your bank offers pricey hedging transactions.

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With ABCM™, the complexities of balance sheet hedging are simplified.

Automated Business Currency Management shields your equity from future adverse exchange rates.

Key Features

  • Manage multiple exposures

    Per business activity and per currency, aligned with your specific balance sheet hedging policies

  • Analyze risk

    see the before and after implications of hedging

  • One-click execution

    Complete multiple transactions simultaneously

  • Wizard

    Choose the hedged currency pair, notional amount, expiry term, and premium limits with full flexibility

Working to keep your multi-currency assets and liabilities balanced?

Automated Business Currency Management bridges the equity exposure gap.

  • Supports 30+ currency pairs
  • Offers symmetrical hedging strategies eligible for Hedge Accounting
  • Enables complex strategies that include forwards, vanilla, and exotic options
  • Allows expiry terms of up to 24 months
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