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Banking without borders

Open local accounts anywhere. Use one wallet
for all currencies. Put your cash to work.

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Going global? It’s time to break free of the constraints of your local bank. Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) platform democratizes global banking, enabling you to manage multiple foreign currencies and accounts as if they were local. It cuts through the red tape and simplifies your operations. Enjoy faster response times and fee-less transactions.

Multi-currency magic

Maintain, manage, and utilize 100+ currencies in one borderless account. Leverage unlimited flexibility at your fingertips
Expand your global banking footprint

Open local accounts – accessible 24/7 – directly through our ABCM platform in every locale where you do business. Be up and running in a few hours, not months.

Start large and grow from there

Even a single entrepreneur or small start-up can build a broad strategic financial presence in every place they conduct business, using Okoora’s global infrastructure.

Truly fee-less

Eliminate all the annoying fees associated with making international transfers and maintaining multi-currency accounts.

Putting the plus in surplus

ABCM offers attractive, multi-currency short term deposits that are tailored exactly to your cashflow needs. No more zero-percent interest on your idle money: make deposits that really earn until the moment you require the funds.

Multi-currency account

Get a grip on your exposure to risk in conducting multi-currency transactions

Capitalize on your multi-currency assets to their fullest potential. ABCM’s e-wallet supports more than 100 currencies, simplifying the accessibility of doing business in markets everywhere.

Forget the hassle of having to open and maintain multiple bank accounts, one-by-one, in numerous locales. Stay flexible by managing the balances across your various business activities and subsidiaries separately or together in a unified view. Get Started
Open an overseas account

Open a foreign account without ever leaving your office

ABCM performs all the tedious tasks of opening a new account on your behalf – in any currency, and wherever you need it.
Eliminate international transfer fees, minimize response times on your transactions, and improve payment conditions for your business partners. Simplify your financial operations by making them local on a global scale.

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Increase your income by making strategic short-term deposits that correspond with your time-sensitive cashflow requirements

ABCM’s multi-currency deposits feature allows you to synchronize your ongoing payments schedule and hedging activities with optimal precision.

Manage your multi-currency surplus far more efficiently. Generate earnings from your idle cash reserves that go beyond the limits of standard bank offerings.

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Global banking gateway

Simplify your access to
competitive banking across
the globe

ABCM streamlines regulatory compliance processes into one standard procedure that is applicable for all the new accounts you open worldwide.
Save the labor-intensive effort of navigating forms in foreign languages and understanding the nuances of country-specific calendars and business norms. Leave the barrier-of-entry obstacles to your competitors and leap forward with the best in global banking – exclusively at Okoora.

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Banking Unleashed

Banking on simplicity

Say goodbye to the complexities of opening and maintaining multi-currency bank accounts. Okoora’s ABCM throws the door wide open to global banking. The platform eliminates all the red tape and international transaction fees, and eases compliance with country-specific regulatory codes.

Currency At Your Command

Ramp up your global presence. Okoora provides you with instant and ready-for-work access to over 100+ currencies.