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Automate Your Payment<br />

Automate Your Payment

Controlling your working capital requires a coherent payment policy. But implementing a standardized payment strategy limits your flexibility in paying a wide variety of suppliers whose agreements carry different commercial terms. Moreover, issuing payments is often not in sync with your wider cashflow activities – such as incoming payments, outstanding deposits, and currency conversion schedules.

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With ABCM™, booking payments in
advance is as easy as “pay now”

Automated Business Currency Management
synchronizes your payment schedule with your cashflow

With ABCM™, booking payments in<br />
advance is as easy as “pay now”

Key Features

  • Automate your payment schedule

    Automate your payment schedule

    Implement well in advance without being committed to pre-set exchange rates

  • Sync your future cashflow

    Sync your future cashflow

    Manage your payment schedule in-tune with incoming cashflows, deposits and hedging transactions

  • Stay updatesd

    Stay updatesd

    Receive updates to follow the status of your pre-ordered payments

  • One-click functionality

    One-click functionality

    Set a date and an amount, and forget about it

Want to keep your cross-border
payment schedule in line with your
global cashflow considerations?

Automated Business Currency Management lets you
time payments methodically.

  • Supports 30+ currency pairs
  • Responds immediately to spot and future exchange rate
  • Automatically updates your hedging policies
  • In sync with your existing hedging transactions
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