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Future-Proofing Budgets.

Budget rates are the basis of your future projections, but a lack of reliable methodology for determining them can result in mayhem. When market rate volatility causes you to perpetually change your rate projections, you’re in a tailspin. Choosing rates arbitrarily, precludes you from engaging in any effective hedging activity.

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With ABCM™, determining reference rates is future-ready.

Automated Business Currency Management clears the path to setting sensible budget exchange rates.

Key Features

  • Market aligned

    Responds to ongoing visible and hidden market changes

  • Hedgable

    Offers actionable rates that can be hedged

  • Inventory aware

    Weighs-in your existing hedging transactions

  • One-click functionality

    Determining your budget reference rates has never been simpler

Looking for budget rate clarity?

Automated Business Currency Management shines a spotlight on reference rates.

  • Supports 30+ currency pairs
  • Responds immediately to spot and future exchange rate movements
  • Automatically updates your hedging policies
  • In sync with your existing hedging transactions
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