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Whatever type of business, whatever your role in driving its agenda forward, Okoora’s ABCM frees you to focus on your big-picture objectives.

Stop worrying about the intricacies of juggling multiple currencies across numerous countries. Scale your operations and turn currency management into a straightforward growth driver.


Launching a new business is hard enough without having to worry about setting up a financial infrastructure

Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) lets you focus on growing the business full speed ahead without getting weighed down by the effort and costs of maintaining financial operations.

Enjoy all the features of a well-oiled finance department built in, with scalability that matches your growth objectives. Begin by sending and receiving payments anywhere in 100+ currencies (without fees!). Gradually expand to leveraging the platform’s one-of-a-kind services for opening global bank accounts in strategic locations.

Small Businesses

Today’s global market makes it difficult to stay competitive because of currency fluctuations and banking fees

Any business that deals with suppliers and clients who work in multiple currencies, faces the challenge of continually bleeding money it can ill afford.

Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) empowers you to take control of your currency. Save money, gain a global banking footprint, and reduce your dependance on your local bank. Gain access to the most attractive conversion rates, fees, and response times over the ABCM™ automated 24/7 global network.


Your game-changing idea is ultimately only as valuable as your ability to scale it quickly and cost-efficiently worldwide

Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) is an AI-powered financial companion that doesn’t let volatile currency markets or complex banking procedures slow you down.

Streamline processes involving multiple currencies, such as payroll and payments to suppliers, and receiving revenue from clients. Avoid the adverse effects of currency fluctuations with single-click simplicity. Maximize your funding by leveraging unique short-term deposits to protect and grow surplus funds.


Working hard to raise funding isn’t enough; you need to protect it from unfavorable exchange rates and banking fees

The risk that you won’t have enough funds to complete your pre-budgeted projects can be avoided.

Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) enables you to confidently predict your incoming and outgoing cashflow and save on currency transactions and conversion rates. The platform provides a quick path to opening local bank accounts virtually anywhere, receiving fee-less transfers from donors, and utilizing the funds in the regions where they are needed.


Volatile currency markets are an unforeseen cost for publicly-funded institutions

From local through national government agencies to academic and cultural organizations, this makes pre-budgeted projects that involve multiple currencies extremely difficult to complete as initially planned.

Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) is an AI-powered platform that provides top-tier payment and hedging solutions that comply with policies that meet your specific strategic objectives. Streamline currency management, prevent waste, stay within budget, and enjoy organization-wide transparency.


The challenges of multi-currency management for global business are sky-high. So we solved them in the cloud

Introducing Okoora’s Automated Business Currency management (ABCM™), the first AI-powered, cloud-based platform that simplifies the complexities of enterprise currency management.

Control the lifecycle of your organization’s cross-border operations – from payment processing, through risk management and hedging, to maintaining a regulatory-compliant, global banking infrastructure. Integrate existing financial systems seamlessly with ABCM’s feature-rich workflows utilizing a flexible API toolkit. Enhance transparent teamwork across your organization in planning, analyzing, and executing multi-currency transactions.


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