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Whatever type of business, whatever your role in driving its agenda forward, Okoora’s ABCM frees you to focus on your big-picture objectives.

Stop worrying about the intricacies of juggling multiple currencies across numerous countries. Scale your operations and turn the complexity of currency management into a straightforward growth driver.


Selling merchandise made overseas always leaves you caught between a rock and a hard place

When costs rise due to volatile currency fluctuations, you’re inevitably faced with two bad choices: either renegotiate supplier terms or raise the retail price. And behind the scenes, your local bank isn’t making things easier – charging exorbitant transfer fees, converting FX at unfair rates, and delaying payments to suppliers.

Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) enables retailers to maintain a competitive edge in a dynamic global currency environment:

Real Estate

Currency fluctuations and inflated transfer and exchange fees prey upon those who purchase and manage properties overseas

To make matters worse, you need to ensure that you meet debt leverage limits and investor payment commitments. Either your local bank doesn’t provide the global reach you require, or you have too many dispersed bank accounts that are hard to handle.


You compete against overseas players with lower production costs, suffer from complicated logistics, and can’t downstream expenses to clients

And that’s before you even feel the impact of foreign exchange volatility. Currency fluctuations keep your supply costs high, inventory value low, and revenues stagnant. And your bank only intensifies the problem, with its unreasonable fees and slow-moving procedures.

Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) provides manufacturers with the tools to withstand currency shocks:

Transportation & Logistics

Moving people and goods is difficult enough, without factoring in the added burden of currency costs

As part of a global supply chain, you are susceptible to the rising expenses that stem from unpredictable currency movements. Your local bank isn’t up to speed with your global needs, making receiving revenues from overseas and paying suppliers in foreign currency, lengthy and expensive.

Media & Advertising

Buying and selling content across borders is a given in today’s global market

But currency exchange can turn media exchange and production into a losing proposition, due to excessive fees and unfair exchange rates. Your local bank gets lost trying to translate multiple currencies across multiple geographies.

Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) enables media companies to perform with global efficiencies:


Processing millions of micro-transactions in multiple currencies can significantly erode your gross profit

Transfer and exchange rate fees are disproportionate to the actual value of the transaction. Banks can’t keep up with the sheer volume of your business or offer you technological solutions to streamline your global commercial operations.


The costs of equipment and supplies are constantly on the rise for healthcare providers and medical distributors

The impact of fluctuating exchange rates can cause budgetary chaos. Banks compound your supply chain inefficiencies by overcharging fees and offering unattractive exchange rates.

Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) is the right prescription for the healthcare supply chain:

Financial services

Your clients demand cutting-edge performance from the financial management services you provide

Their foreign-denominated transactions and assets require a high level of currency liquidity and access to a seamless global transfer and FX trading infrastructure. The bank doesn’t make your job any easier with its slow response times, excessive fees, broad spreads, inaccessible IT and trading systems, and inconsistent decision support.


Scaling your business globally requires a financial infrastructure that is as agile as your product strives to be

Launching cross-border operations involves multi-currency transactions that can slow you down with regulatory red tape and unpredictable costs. Banks keep you from sprinting ahead, with their slow response times, inaccessible IT, and excessive transfer and exchange fees.

Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) unleashes the global potential of tech companies:


Paying for capital equipment and agricultural supplies, and exporting produce overseas exposes you to volatile currency markets

Achieving profitability on your yield is hindered by competitive global prices and foreign exchange rates. Your fragile profit margins are further eroded by unfriendly banks who charge high transfer fees and offer unfair FX rates.

Trading Companies

Sensible currency management is the lifeblood of any well-run import/export business

But selling goods and buying supplies overseas, maintaining inventories, and deploying logistics leave you perpetually exposed to unpredictable currency markets. It’s difficult to remain competitive when your bank charges inflated transfer fees and unfair exchange rates.

Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) brings down the barriers on cross-border trading:

Travel & Hospitality

Global tourism is a multi-currency business

Volatile exchange rates are a well-known threat that constantly jeopardize your already fragile profit margins. Banks don’t make matters any easier by charging exorbitant transaction fees and dictating unfair exchange rates.

Professional Services

Competition is fierce and global

Volatile currency fluctuations allow rivals to undercut your offers and endanger your standing in the market. And even when you do land a project, you are still at the mercy of your bank’s unwarranted transfer fees and exorbitant currency conversion rates.

Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) enables professionals to compete on the global playing field:

Research & Education

Staying on the cutting edge of knowledge with study grants and generated income is an ongoing challenge

More so, staying on budget is far from predictable against the backdrop of volatile multi-currency markets. Your bank isn’t quite the ideal patron of scholarship – imposing exorbitant transfer and exchange fees upon you, as well as offering zero-yield deposits.

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