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Whatever type of business, whatever your role in driving its agenda forward, Okoora’s ABCM frees you to focus on your big-picture objectives.

Stop worrying about the intricacies of juggling multiple currencies across numerous countries. Scale your operations and turn the complexity of currency management into a straightforward growth driver.

Currency Simplified for
Chief Executives


It’s your baby. We can help it thrive and perform to its full potential

Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) turns the concerns of multi-currency management into a money-saving asset and a strategic tool for global growth. Stay ever-current with volatile currency markets to retain your competitive edge.

The ABCM Advantage

  • Manage multi-currency payments, currency risks and cashflows
  • Provides full visibility into your multi-currency operations
  • Formulate your currency risk policy and see it implemented
  • Generate automated analyses and reports

Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) is to currency management as ERP is to operations management

It offers a birds-eye view of all your expansive, global multi-currency ecosystem over one centralized platform. Control currency transactions with heightened efficiency to achieve your business objectives.

The ABCM Advantage

  • Manage payments, currency risks, and multi-national bank accounts.
  • Generate significant savings on all multi-currency activities.
  • Increase control and oversight on cross-border currency workflows.
  • Improve cashflow predictability and reduce financial risks.

Currency Simplified for
Finance Professionals


ERP for multi-currency management has finally arrived

ABCM™ empowers you to build and operate a multi-national infrastructure for your financial operations that integrates seamlessly with your existing business systems. Improve your overall efficiencies by saving money, tightening response times, and fine-tuning your financial insights.

The ABCM Advantage

  • Manage payments, currency risks, and cashflows across multi-national accounts.
  • Enable permission-based collaboration among all financial stakeholders.
  • Improve financial workflows and oversight on currency transactions.
  • Automate projected currency operations with decision support.

ABCM™ is a genuine game-changer for corporate treasurers

Open and operate bank accounts all over the world with unprecedented ease. Achieve centralized control of incoming and outgoing multi-currency cashflows and optimize conversion rates and hedge premiums.

The ABCM Advantage

  • Manage payments, hedging, deposits and cashflows across bank accounts.
  • Open overseas bank accounts quickly without red tape and fees.
  • Make international transactions locally with fee-less payments.
  • Convert and hedge currencies like a Fortune 500 company.

ABCM™ ensures seamless reporting, consolidation, and validation of all your currency transactions

Manage data related to all completed payments, receivables, and hedging transactions. Estimate market value for existing transactions in accordance with international accounting standards.

The ABCM Advantage

  • Track multi-currency payments, derivative transactions, deposits and cashflows.
  • Validate transactions transparently across all global accounts.
  • Generate reports and estimate fair market value.
  • Integrate flexibly with leading accounting information systems.

Forecast, plan and analyze with enhanced predictability

ABCM™ allows you to prepare and manage cashflows in collaboration with colleagues and in real-time synchronization with the markets.

The ABCM Advantage

  • Manage multi-currency cashflows across global activities.
  • Aggregate inputs across your global organization.
  • Construct projected cashflows in a multi-currency environment.
  • Real-time access to current and future market rates.

Currency Simplified for
Corporate Managers

Procurement managers

Control costs and payment terms with automated efficiency

ABCM™ allows you to pay global suppliers at the time of your choosing with currency rate predictability.

The ABCM Advantage

  • Manage payments in 100+ currencies worldwide.
  • Know exactly how much you need to pay to whom and when.
  • Lock in favorable currency rates and automate your future payments.
  • Understand the cost of payment activities and supplier offers.
Department heads

Improve the span of control over your global teams

ABCM™ enables collaboration between geographically-spread personnel over a unified currency setting.

The ABCM Advantage

  • Manage workflows for payments, currency risks, and bank accounts.
  • Enable permission-based collaboration among all financial stakeholders.
  • Improve financial workflows and oversight on currency transactions.
  • Pay your global teams promptly in their local currencies.

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