Currency risks

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Adverse currency movements erode revenues and increase expenses. Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) enables full control of the risks associated with your multi-currency operations. From market and risk analyses, through risk management policy formulation, to automated execution of future payments and hedging transactions, ABCM is the game-changer that simplifies managing the currency lifecycle.

Currency at your command

Gain real-time insights into market trends and minimize your currency exposure. Plan, analyze and execute your multi-currency risk management transactions with a single click.
Gain cashflow predictability

Avoid future losses and lock favorable currency rates in advance of volatile markets.

Enterprise-grade solution for everyone

Leverage the power of Fortune 500 risk control methodologies – now available to all, from single entrepreneurs to large enterprises.

Bridge the gaps

Synchronize outstanding payments and receivables with future hedging transactions to achieve full visibility and interoperability between the two.

Risk workflow management

Make smarter pre-emptive decisions with ABCM’s best-practices policy wizard and automated execution capabilities.

Risk analyzer

Get a grip on your exposure to risk in conducting multi-currency transactions

From one-off projects to ongoing global activities, our intuitive risk analysis dashboards provide a centralized view of potential threats and how they interact with the market.

Clarify the impact of the measures you take in order to align with your risk tolerance objectives. Gather intelligence into unforeseen and worst-case scenarios and understand your ability to withstand them. Get Started
Risk management policy

Stop working on-the-fly

Stay competitive by customizing risk management policies to the specific needs of your company and in line with your industry.

Formulate comprehensive risk policies in a few simple keystrokes with ABCM’s intuitive policy wizard. Leverage Okoora’s deep knowledge database rooted in thousands of policy formulations.

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One-click protection

Execute hedging transactions with greater ease than ordering lunch online

ABCM revolutionizes the way you mitigate currency risk through an automated process and one-click simplicity.

Avoid multiple brokerage accounts and interactions, and cumbersome order routing. Leverage straightforward, easy-to-comprehend choices over our intuitive platform that sidestep the complex financial products that are typically offered in the market.

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Hedge Command Center

View the end-to-end performance of your currency transactions in a single frame

ABCM streamlines the planning, execution, and assessment of hedging activities into a unified process.
Analyze the effectiveness of your hedging strategies while mitigating risk in sync with your business objectives. Save time, effort and headache by reducing your reliance on external trading, treasury and accounting systems.

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Currency Unleashed

Deconstructing multi-
currency risk

Stop worrying about the consequences of future trends and scenarios. ABCM’s diverse toolkit enables you to take the right action at the right time in order to minimize the uncertainties in juggling multiple currencies.

Risk analysis

Gain instant automated insights into your multi-currency risks, including sophisticated VaR metrics.

Risk management policy

Formulate policies customized to your needs & business environment using our risk policy wizard and budget rate wizard.

Automated risk control

Stay informed and in control in real-time with ABCM’s risk management toolkit, scenario analysis and risk alert features

Hedge methodology

Respond to market fluctuations with increased agility using the ABCM dynamic hedging approach.

Multi-period hedging

Regulate your future currency needs across dozens of transactions simultaneously, according to your defined risk policy.

Transaction tracker

Follow your hedging transaction status, effectiveness, and overall contribution to risk mitigation.

Hedging wizard

Select your preferred risk structure using case-specific recommendations from FX forward to options & derivatives.

Transaction valuation

ABCM provides you with transaction valuation and sensitivity analysis for operational and accounting purposes.

Cashflow hedging

Automate hedging activities for multiple cashflows, in sync with your risk management policy.

Currency At Your Command

Ramp up your global presence. Okoora provides you with instant and ready-for-work access to over 100+ currencies.