API-based Foreign Exchange Solutions for Your Business | Okoora

Real-time Exchange Rate & Currency Conversion

Okoora’s proprietary currency exchange rate API is integrated with highly reputable global sources. This allows us to offer the most accurate and up-to-date data. We dynamically detect and filter out any errors, providing you with a currency API and data you can rely on.

Simple and Quick Implementation

Our exchange rate API is built for developers. We make it
easy to plug-in to your existing software.

Currency Conversion Endpoints + Margin

Gain more than just live data. Okoora offers rate alerts, future
conversion and the ability to add customizable margin on rates.

100+ World Currencies, World-Class Liquidity

Our currency exchange rate API offers over a hundred of
worldwide currencies, and accurate central bank rates.

Accurate, Reliable & Up-To-Date Rates

Obtain updated rates. With our proprietary currency blender, Okoora
ensures our currency data API has the most accurate global rates.

Reduce the complexity of managing your FX risk

  • LockFX

    Manage inherent FX risk more effectively with LockFX ensuring alignment with your commercial workflows.

  • Platforms and marketplaces

    Offset the FX risk inherent to customers and merchants making payments on your platform.

  • 24/7 pricing and execution

    Receive around the clock access to pricing and execution on 100+ the currency pairs, including when market is closed, such as on weekends and public holidays.

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Developer First
Integrating your existing financial systems with our FX engine is simple with our comprehensive documentation and technical support.
Fully manage and track conversions — and choose how much of that control to pass to your customers.
Build tailored solutions
Create custom workflows that reflect your business model and international operations.

Automate your FX workflows