Global Payment Solutions Via API | Okoora

Automate your payments workflows

  • Developers First

    Alleviate the complexity of building and maintaining your payment acceptance capabilities – Okoora lets development teams focus on the code that matters most.

  • Settle in multiple currencies

    Easy options to collect and settle in the same currency. Reduce unnecessary conversions and fees on transactions.

  • Choose your way

    Select from fast, secure payment methods at your fingertips, such as Faster Payments, SEPA, ACH and more.

  • Enterprise-grade scale

    Send up to thousands of payments per second without additional effort.

Beneficiary Management

Validate a new beneficiary’s bank details quickly and easily.

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  • Users

    Automatically release payments to users exchanging goods and services on your platform.

  • Suppliers

    Make payments to suppliers by integrating our Payouts API with your vendor management system.

  • Employees

    Simplify your international payroll and expense reimbursement by connecting Okoora to your internal systems.

Scale your payments capabilities

  • Speed

    Ensure your money lands as quickly as possible with instant or real-time payments; enhancing cross-border payments.

  • Minimize human error

    Reduce data mistakes caused by manual processes, such as bounced payments due to incorrect bank details.

  • Go global

    Process domestic and international payments in over 30 currencies and .130+ countries