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Currency Control Panel

Currency Control Panel

The ABCM™ Dashboard enables a centralized and summarized view of all your currency activities.

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ABCM benefits

ABCM featured solution With ABCM™, you can maintain a global
network of local bank accounts. Automated Business Currency
Management creates a multi-currency infrastructure for your
business and simplifies your cross-border financial operations.

ABCM benefits

Key Features

  • Balance visibility

    Balance visibility

    See multi-currency cash and deposits across accounts.

  • Payment trail

    Payment trail

    Examine sent-and-received payments at a glance.

  • Hedging and exposures tracking

    Hedging and exposures tracking

    Assess currency risk management efficiencies.

  • Au courant

    Au courant

    Stay alert to the markets and risk metrics in real-time.