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Servicing Your Debt.

Future cashflows are the lifeblood of your business. Currency market volatility impedes your efforts to maintain stability and plan ahead. Enacting a hedging policy that takes cashflow projections and market variables into consideration is daunting. And your bank offers pricey hedging transactions that don’t always align with your needs.

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With ABCM™, hedging debt is accomplished single-click efficiency.

Automated Business Currency Management keeps your liabilities at bay.

Key Features

  • Multiple debt cashflows

    Per business activity and per currency, aligned with your specific cashflow hedging policies

  • Analyze risk

    see the before and after implications of hedging

  • One-click execution

    Complete multiple transactions simultaneously

  • Wizard

    Choose the hedged currency pair, notional amount, expiry term, and premium limits with full flexibility

Worried that your debt will grow unchecked?

Automated Business Currency Management keeps it free from exchange rate fluctuation.

  • Supports 30+ currency pairs
  • Provides automated debt scheduling
  • Enables complex strategies that include forwards, vanilla, and exotic options
  • Allows expiry terms of up to 24 months
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