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Let Your Currency Work.

Today’s interest-rate environments yield you zero – at best. When you have surplus cash available, across multiple currencies, it’s virtually impossible to do anything with it that will provide adequate returns. And if you need these funds available for your next payment schedule, chances are they are better off remaining liquid.

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With ABCM™, your idle cashflow becomes a cash cow.

Automated Business Currency Management enables strategic short-term deposits that correspond with your time-sensitive cashflow requirements and increase your income.

Key Features

  • Attractive yields

    Sources competitive returns from the global banking system

  • Multi-currency

    Supports deposits in multiple currencies

  • Synchronized

    Link deposits to your ongoing payment and hedging activities

  • One-click efficiency

    Customize a deposit to put your money to work

Is your spare cash stuck in neutral?

Automated Business Currency Management drives your surplus into lucrative territory.

  • Supports 30+ currencies
  • Permits customizable scheduling
  • Fee-less deposits
  • Enables automatic conversion upon deposit expiration
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