Harness Volatility.

Changes in the currency markets may render your hedging policy obsolete. You can miss out on favorable exchange rates, simply because you’re already fully locked in. Maintaining a dynamic response to currency fluctuations requires you to be alert. Banks impede your agility, with their slow response times.

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With ABCM™, it’s easy to turn exchange rate swings to your advantage.

Automated Business Currency Management keeps your hedging ratios in rhythm with dynamic changes in the currency markets.

Key Features

  • Market rate flexibility

    Hedging ratios automatically increase when exchange rates become favorable

  • Cashflow flexibility

    Hedging ratios automatically increase when the realization of cashflow projections becomes more concrete

  • Reference rate flexibility

    Automated wizard determines hedgable references

  • Customizable flexibility

    Enables setting hedging references according to your preferences

Looking to gain positive outcomes from volatile currency rates?

Automated Business Currency Management reacts dynamically to real-time market movements.

  • Supports 20+ hedge ratio scenarios
  • Responds immediately to exchange rate movements
  • Aligns with your existing hedging policy and reference rates
  • In sync with you cashflow projections and existing hedging transactions
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