Dynamic Hedging - Okoora - Currency Simplified.

Harness Volatility.

Changes in the currency markets may render your hedging policy obsolete. You can miss out on favorable exchange rates, simply because you’re already fully locked in. Maintaining a dynamic response to currency fluctuations requires you to be alert. Banks impede your agility, with their slow response times.

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With ABCM™, it’s easy to turn exchange rate swings to your advantage.

Automated Business Currency Management keeps your hedging ratios in rhythm with dynamic changes in the currency markets.

Key Features

  • Market rate flexibility

    Hedging ratios automatically increase when exchange rates become favorable

  • Cashflow flexibility

    Hedging ratios automatically increase when the realization of cashflow projections becomes more concrete

  • Reference rate flexibility

    Automated wizard determines hedgable references

  • Customizable flexibility

    Enables setting hedging references according to your preferences

Looking to gain positive outcomes from volatile currency rates?

Automated Business Currency Management reacts dynamically to real-time market movements.

  • Supports 20+ hedge ratio scenarios
  • Responds immediately to exchange rate movements
  • Aligns with your existing hedging policy and reference rates
  • In sync with you cashflow projections and existing hedging transactions
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