FX Forward - Okoora - Currency Simplified.

Eliminate Rate Uncertainty.

Exchange rates are dynamic and unpredictable. Most businesses don’t have access to expensive, top-tier market information systems that can help them determine the fair forward rates. Bank trade rooms often take advantage of this weakness by offering uncompetitive FX rate quotes and fuzzy collateral requirements.

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With ABCM™, you don’t need
access to pricey information

Automated Business Currency Management provides a fast
and clear execution route to forward transactions at
competitive market rates.

Key Features

  • 30+ currency pairs

    Hedge your multi-currency exposure on a global scale

  • Customized

    Choose the hedged currency pair, notional amount, and expiry term, with full flexibility and no premium or fee

  • Clear collateral requirements

    Avoid painful margin call surprises

  • Risk-benefit analysis

    Understand how FX forward deals affect your cashflow

Looking to gain positive outcomes from volatile currency rates?

Automated Business Currency Management reacts dynamically to real-time market movements.

  • Supports 20+ hedge ratio scenarios
  • Responds immediately to exchange rate movements
  • Aligns with your existing hedging policy and reference rates
  • In sync with you cashflow projections and existing hedging transactions
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