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There’s A Method To The Madness.

Exposure to currency fluctuations requires action. What’s the exposed amount that I need to hedge? What’s the length of the term? What types of derivatives should I use – and how much am I willing to pay? Even if I master it all – will it adequately serve my cashflow objectives?

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With ABCM™, creating a hedging methodology workflow is fast.

Automated Business Currency Management enables you to intuitively customize a comprehensive methodology within minutes.

Key Features

  • Customize

    Formulate a hedging policy that is tailor-made to your commercial and operational needs

  • Select

    Choose the suitable derivative, hedged currency pair, notional amount, expiry term, and premium limits with full flexibility

  • Execute

    Implement your policy automatically

  • Integrate

    Link the hedging policy and its execution to your cashflow

Seeking stability in chaotic markets?

Automated Business Currency Management charts a steady course for your hedging journey.

  • Supports customizable hedging policy formulation within minutes
  • Estimates sustainable budget reference rates
  • Provides intuitive hedging wizards
  • Syncs with your future cashflow for optimal implementation
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