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Plug & Play

Automated Business Currency Management™ platform integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP systems and core applications. For technical documentation and guides that help you explore our platform features, please contact

Simplified Integration

Syncs-up with your financial systems

ABCM™ is the first AI-powered hub designed as an overlaying financial infrastructure for providing seamless visibility into all your currency accounts and transactional activities

Quick & Easy

Our integration model enables you to get all your business systems linked and running with ABCM™ in no time.

Cloud-based service

ABCM™ takes currency lifecycle automation to the cloud, enabling you to manage a comprehensive financial infrastructure without any additional on-site software integration.

Drives Growth and Profitability Through Automation

By integrating ABCM™ into your currency operations, you save time, significantly reduce costs, and streamline your operational processes through AI-driven automation.


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