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Maintain A Local Footprint. Everywhere.

Maintain A Local Footprint. Everywhere.

International payments are expensive and time-consuming. When this multiplies by scale – issuing payroll, micro-payments, or other mass payments – it becomes prohibitive. The more remote the transaction, the more exorbitant the fee that you pay. Opening local accounts everywhere you operate is an expensive and labor-intensive non-starter, due to regulatory roadblocks.

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With ABCM™, international payments become local transactions.

Automated Business Currency Management bypasses international payment processes by allowing you to send and receive payments locally, regardless of the locale.

With ABCM™, international payments become local transactions.

Key Features

  • Make every payment local

    Make every payment local

    Send and receive international payments with local efficiency

  • Fee-less transfer

    Fee-less transfer

    Eliminate transaction fees to banks and payment processors

  • Open local bank accounts

    Open local bank accounts

    Enjoy a fast red-tape free track for opening local bank accounts overseas

  • No go-between

    No go-between

    Transfer directly without intermediaries or correspondent banks

Want to leverage the advantages of local payment transfers throughout your cross-border business operations?

Automated Business Currency Management is your conduit to seamless global transactions.

  • Supports 100+ currencies
  • Pay directly via e-wallet or local accounts overseas
  • Delivers status notifications via text and mail
  • Services numerous source countries and payment methods
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