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Seamless Signatory Process.

Seamless Signatory Process.

Sending payments involves validation and oversight to avoid mistakes and misappropriation of funds. The signature trail can significantly impede the payment lifecycle before the broader process has even been initiated. Signators are swamped with multiple requests that require their immediate attention, making it difficult to properly validate every transaction.

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With ABCM™, the validation process is
swift and straightforward.

Automated Business Currency Management streamlines
the lifecycle of the multi-signatory process.

With ABCM™, the validation process is<br />
swift and straightforward.

Key Features

  • Modular permission structure

    Modular permission structure

    Build signatory policies that are flexible according to volume and recipient

  • Efficient processes

    Efficient processes

    Leverage a single continuous process for every payment

  • Oversight at-a- glance

    Oversight at-a- glance

    Provide a centralized view of your pending payment signature status

  • One policy, one process

    One policy, one process

    Maintain a uniform process and policy across multiple accounts

Is multi-signator validation slowing you

Automated Business Currency Management keeps
the payment pipeline flowing.

  • Formulate permission-based signature policies with ease
  • Validate signature authenticity
  • Generate status reports on the signatory pipeline
  • Receive update notifications with each signature
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