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Derive The Most From Your Currency.

Insuring your future cashflow with adequate flexibility is an uphill struggle. Premiums can be prohibitive and the risk structure exceedingly dangerous. You may have the requisite financial expertise and access to expensive market data systems, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll succeed at pricing these derivatives properly.

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With ABCM™, tailor-made derivative insurance is just a click away.

Automated Business Currency Management provides unprecedented access to customizable options transactions with seamless execution.

Key Features

  • Extensive variety

    Access a full range of derivatives that are typically exclusive to large-cap enterprises

  • Customized

    Choose the hedged currency pair, notional amount, expiry term, and premium limits with full flexibility

  • 30+ currency pairs

    Hedge your multi-currency exposure on a global scale

  • Risk-benefit analysis

    Gain a clear view of the characteristics of your derivatives

Do you feel shut out of the derivatives market?

Automated Business Currency Management grants you full access to the OTC market.

  • Supports 30+ currency pairs
  • Allows flexible expiry terms of up to 24 months
  • Offers a wide variety of derivatives: forwards, vanilla options, and barrier options
  • Provides fair-value pricing and sensitivity analysis
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