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Track Your Transactions.

Track Your Transactions.

Following the trail of your multi-currency transactions is frustrating. Once you initiate a cross-border payment, you’re in the dark as to its status: Has it arrived? Is there a delay – and if so, where is it stuck and why? Your bank and its processing partners do little to enlighten you.

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With ABCM™, you never lose sight of your payments.

Automated Business Currency Management gives you the real-time status of every ingoing and outgoing payment transaction.

With ABCM™, you never lose sight of your payments.

Key Features

  • Track payments

    Track payments

    See the real-time journey of your multi-currency transactions

  • No red tape

    No red tape

    Our unified compliance standard ensures that your money moves without delays

  • Centralized view

    Centralized view

    Review the status of your payments in one command center

  • 100+ currencies

    100+ currencies

    Gain visibility into transactions conducted in virtually any currency

Looking for a clear view of your transaction trail?

Automated Business Currency Management keeps you informed of the status of every payment in real-time with at-a-glance ease.

  • See the status of every transfer in real-time
  • Receive alert notifications via text and mail
  • Integrate payment validation to your legacy systems via API
  • Generate analysis reports of your transfers
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