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Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) platform enables you to send and receive payments worldwide in 100+ currencies. Analyze market trends, risks, and opportunities, and connect to your ongoing business operations and partners with full transparency.

Simplify Complexity

Plan, analyze and execute all of your multi-currency payment transactions with a single click.
Size doesn’t matter

Enjoy the most complete and versatile suite of payment solutions available to all, from single entrepreneurs to large enterprises.

Maximize your money

Gain access to the world’s premier FX rates, minimize transfer costs, and avoid hidden fees.

Current with currencies

Stay up-to-date with where the currency markets are and how they impact your cashflow so that you can make informed and timely payment decisions.

Stay connected

Collaborate with your employees, finance people and trade partners over one payment ecosystem.


Send payments anywhere and in any currency with speed and simplicity

From single recipients to mass payments, our intuitive platform allows you to automate money transfers, customized to your workflow needs. Gain full control of your cashflow and keep in sync with the dynamic movements of the currency markets. Minimize your operational costs by accessing the global market’s best rates and by paying only local transfer fees.

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Request and receive payments from your global customers and partners with unprecedented ease

ABCM enables you to create a straightforward centralized view of all your outstanding invoices and incoming transfers.

Open accounts in the locales of your choice to ensure prompt and reliable receipt of incoming payments. Maximize revenues while easing procedural red tape for your customers. Get Started

Pay multiple suppliers individually across multiple currencies and payment methods

Our flexible automated payout features enable the organization of payments into groups of your choice with preset terms that you control.
Save time, expense, and effort by centralizing multiple individual payments into simple bulks. Enjoy the markets most competitive rates and minimize your fees by leveraging local transfers.

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Pay your global teams everywhere in their local currencies through one intuitive module

Automated Business Currency Management overcomes the regulatory and operational obstacles that you face in paying salaries in different locales.

Sidestep the hassle of filling out multiple forms in multiple formats and bypass the unexpected fees you are bound to encounter through standard banking channels. Prevent mistakes and delays in issuing salaries and keep your global workers happy by ensuring that their paychecks are precise and timely. Get Started

Make the most out of your payments

Never miss out on favorable currency rates again. ABCM gives you the power to seize strategic market opportunities when they present themselves and capitalize on them for future payments. Keep current on what’s happening in global money markets with timely alerts and AI-driven insights so that you can make informed and confident decisions in real-time. Minimize your cashflow uncertainty moving forward by locking the exchange rate when it seems most advantageous.

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Currency At Your Command

Ramp up your global presence. Okoora provides you with instant and ready-for-work access to over 100+ currencies.