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Current Reminders.

Your attention span is always being challenged. Following-up on currency transactions and their myriad related tasks is challenging. If you depend upon timely alerts to trigger you to action, consider that there are typically multiple systems sending you reminders at any given time and competing for your focus.

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With ABCM™, keeping up with important tasks has never been simpler.

Automated Business Currency Management centralizes alerts from disparate sources – currency market, transaction lifecycle, and risk assessment – into one streamlined system.

Key Features

  • Automated

    Real-time and hassle-free

  • Lifecycle-ready

    Anything transaction-related generates timely alerts at all stages

  • Market-savvy

    Never be taken by surprise

  • Risk-aware

    Be cognizant when you need to act

Are urgent alerts flying under your radar?

Automated Business Currency Management keeps them focused, interconnected and relevant.

  • Multi-channel delivery: Through the platform, via email or text
  • In-sync with real-time market data and ongoing transactions
  • Flexible customization enables focusing on what’s most important to you
  • Alerts link directly to related actions
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