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Quantify Risk

Exchange rate fluctuations make you feel ill at ease in the best of times. When markets suddenly spike out of control, your multi-currency cashflow becomes mission critical. Even if you have taken measures to hedge your risk, it’s difficult to assess their efficacy in advance of the onset of dramatic market conditions.

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ABCM featured solution

With ABCM™, quantifying your FX exposure is performed in real-time. Automated Business Currency Management assesses your potential risk, as well as the durability of your business when subjected to extreme exchange rates.

Key Features

  • Automated

    Real-time risk analysis

  • Au courant

    In-tune with your cashflow predictions, existing hedging strategies and the markets.

  • Multi-metric

    Rates scenario analysis, value at risk, fair value sensitivity, stress tests.

  • Calibrated

    Enables focusing on either standalone or combined cashflows.

Do you lose sleep over the unknown in risk analysis?

Automated Business Currency Management delivers peace of mind.

  • Supports analysis for 30+ currency pairs
  • Includes advanced analysis metrics, such as VaR
  • In-sync with real-time market data, including exchange rates, implied volatilities, and interest rates
  • Allows customizable, future exchange rate scenarios
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