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Policy Formulated.

Preparing for future risk requires robust and flexible policy formulation. You need to decide on the scope of risk you are willing to assume, including: hedging amounts, length of term, derivative types, and premium requirements. Can all of these assumptions align with your industry’s practices and your specific business objectives?

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With ABCM™, formulating risk management policies is built-in.

Automated Business Currency Management takes you through a swift and thorough process to create a customized policy for your business.

Key Features

  • Customizable

    AI-supported and tailor-made for your specific objectives

  • Quick

    Devise a policy for your business within minutes

  • Cashflow-specific

    Create individual policies per cashflow or business activity

  • Dynamic

    Supports flexible policies that automatically respond to changing market conditions

Are you weighed down by risk policy formulation?

Automated Business Currency Management provides all the heavy lifting.

  • Supports customizable hedging policy formulation within minutes
  • Estimates sustainable budget reference rates
  • Enables agile strategies that take advantage of favorable market conditions
  • Syncs with your future cashflow for optimal implementation
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