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Mitigation Tools.

Planning, analyzing, and executing a coherent risk management policy with time-sensitive precision is essential. There are few professional tools at your disposal that can really help you to be effective in reaching your risk objectives. There is no obvious platform that aggregates all aspects of currency risk management under one roof.

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With ABCM™, the tools for effective risk management are available to all.

Automated Business Currency Management enables businesses of any size to analyze their risk, plan a response, and execute with precision.

Key Features

  • Risk analyzer

    Real-time analysis of exposure risk

  • Policy wizard

    Formulates a customized policy for your business needs

  • Cashflow management

    Integrates your cashflow projections and risk policy

  • Hedging wizard

    Choose the best hedging strategy

Is your risk management model ineffective?

Automated Business Currency Management provides you with the tools to formulate and execute effective strategies.

  • Workflows – Clear and methodical risk management templates
  • Multi-metric – Rates scenario analysis, value at risk, fair value sensitivity, stress tests
  • Valuation and reporting tools – Stay up-to-date with your risk, market, and transaction status
  • Execution support – Initiate multiple transactions with one-click efficiency that align with your policy
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