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What If.

What-ifs abound, when performing scenario analysis. What if the market goes haywire? What if my exposure becomes unexpectedly dangerous? What if my hedging transactions prove to be useless? All of these potential scenarios need to be addressed in advance. You’re left alone to ponder these future possibilities.

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With ABCM™, you get a clear view of the future scenarios that may await.

Automated Business Currency Management provides a detailed P/L and Fair Value estimates per eventuality.

Key Features

  • Probabilistic

    Provides statistical metrics for extreme rate conditions

  • Automated

    Real-time scenario analysis

  • Multi-metric

    Rates scenario analysis, value at risk, fair value sensitivity, stress tests

  • Au courant

    In-tune with your cashflow predictions, existing hedging strategies and the markets

Intimidated by future scenarios?

Automated Business Currency Management provides the necessary foresight to help you prepare.

  • Supports analysis for 30+ currency pairs
  • Includes advanced analysis metrics, such as VaR
  • In-sync with real-time market data, including exchange rates, implied volatilities, and interest rates
  • Allows customizable, future exchange rate scenarios
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