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Vitorio Roie Arbib

Owner & CEO

VI Metals

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Currency Simplified.

Limits unnecessary loss due to unfavorable exchange rates

Reduces cost of currency services significantly

Provides robust safety for large multi-currency transactions

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Customers praise ABCM

“Staying connected to the pulse of the currency markets with ABCM™ enables me to perform transactions according to real-time exchange rate opportunities that best suit me in achieving our business objectives.”

Arik Otmazgin

CEO & Owner

Chavat Hakfuim


“The platform provides a complete picture of the market environment, the currency activity in each and every country, and automated analyses that help Automax in choosing the most correct procurement procedure.”

Ya’ara Alfi




“ABCM™ is the only platform that addresses the entire currency lifecycle. Highly recommended for any business that manages more than one currency.”

Roye Shayovitch


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“I can open a foreign bank account overseas – at any time of day or night – without ever having to leave my office.”

Eran Gorodezky

Group CFO



“Okoora has transformed dealing with currencies into a simple and positive experience.” to manage and mitigate currency risks in a professional and effective manner.”

Shlomo Kalvo


Tiger International


“ABCM gives us a complete picture of the currency market environment, which helps us to manage and mitigate currency risks in a professional and effective manner.”

Roie Golan,


Israel Postal Company


“When I consider the number of multi-currency payments we issue on an ongoing basis, there is simply no competition. ABCM stands out as a better alternative to banks and their hefty service charges.”

Saar Hizkia

Account Manager

HM Olami


“Okoora’s ABCM handles all of our multi-currency payments as well as travel cash disbursement for employees. It saves us significant time and effort.”

Gili Loker


Israel Standards Institute


“Okoora’s hedging tools are based on well-developed methodologies. They assist us in formulating our financing and payment transaction strategies and save us a lot of money.”

Inon Sherez


Argentools Group


“ABCM changes the way we buy currency and track our global transactions. It’s simple, obvious, and convenient. Their security protocols give me the confidence that the money is safe.”

Vitorio Roie Arbib

Owner & CEO

VI Metals


“ABCM™ provides me with a single address for managing our entire currency workflow. It’s making my life much easier.”

Asaf Bar-Hadas

Owner & CEO

Bar Hadas Agricultural Solutions


Simplified currency management. Delivered.

Whoever you are, whatever your size or field, wherever you do business, whenever you need to act…