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Derive Fair Value.

Transaction valuation is a prerequisite for signing your income statement. But determining the fair value of complex hedging derivatives is a computational nightmare. The accuracy of these valuations relies on accessing market data that can only be provided by enterprise-grade financial systems or external experts – which most businesses can’t afford.

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With ABCM™, determining the fair value of your derivatives is built-in.

Automated Business Currency Management performs transaction valuation in accordance with IFRS and USGAAP accounting standards.

Key Features

  • Market aligned

    Based upon top-tier market information

  • Sensitivity analysis

    Performed with customizable rate jumps

  • Exotic derivatives

    Supports valuation of non-vanilla derivatives

  • Standards-based

    Compliant with IFRS and USGAAP requirements

Are you required to provide fair valuation?

Automated Business Currency Management is your online financial expert.

  • Supports 30+ currency pairs
  • Values complex strategies that include forwards, vanilla, and exotic options
  • In sync with your existing hedging transactions
  • Downloadable in a variety of formats
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