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Value Your Risk.

Risk management professionals depend on having a clear, quantifiable view of currency exposure under specific, statistical significance levels. It’s difficult to access real-time market data to support VaR analysis. Estimating cashflow VaR is challenging enough without taking the effect of your existing hedging transactions into account.

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With ABCM™, quantifying your VaR is performed in real-time.

Automated Business Currency Management assesses your value at risk, at customizable statistical significance levels.

Key Features

  • Automated

    Real-time, value at risk analysis

  • Au courant

    In-tune with your cashflow predictions, existing hedging strategies and the markets

  • Customizable

    Choose specific significance levels and exposure terms

  • Panoramic

    View VaR in conjunction with other key risk metrics

Is your FX risk significant?

Automated Business Currency Management zeroes in on its statistical value.

  • Supports analysis for 30+ currency pairs
  • In-sync with real-time market data
  • Permits flexible significance levels and exposure terms
  • Quantifies the effects of your hedging transactions on your overall risk
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