Why Okoora - Okoora - Currency Simplified.

why okoora? Glad you asked.

Because it’s obvious.

You have ERP for integrating your business processes, CRM for sales and marketing. Isn’t it time for an enterprise-grade solution to manage your multi-currency business operations?

Because it’s simple.

Okoora simplifies the complexity and alleviates the inherent frustration in running a multi-currency operation through its one-of-a-kind Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) platform.

Because it’s comprehensive.

Okoora offers the business world a new paradigm for managing all aspects of the lifecycle of their financial transactions. It far exceeds the value of specific siloed solutions for payment, deposits, loans or hedging.

Because it’s complete.

From issuing and receiving payments in multiple currencies, to opening accounts, locking exchange rates and initiating AI-powered hedging strategies, Okoora provides the first all-in-one approach to managing virtually any sort of financial transaction across multiple currencies.

Because it’s automated.

Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™) platform will transform the fintech space by becoming the first truly comprehensive financial infrastructure to seamlessly aggregate all the financial products and services needed for success over a single platform.

Because it’s efficient.

By enabling simple and intuitive planning, management, and execution on multiple currency transactions, Okoora answers the call of small and medium businesses everywhere who are vying to compete effectively on the global stage.

Because it’s smart.

Okoora’s proven methodologies and AI-driven decision support are rooted in over two decades of hands-on experience in the global financial advisory industry. We are a must-have strategic asset – providing a global financial infrastructure that keeps you a step ahead of your competitors, everywhere.

Because it’s global.

Okoora’s global banking infrastructure supports transactions in 100+ currencies. Full regulatory compliance ensures that you enjoy hassle-free performance in virtually any market in which you operate worldwide.

Because it’s transparent.

There are no surprises. No hidden fees or agendas. Just a straightforward subscription model, customized to your needs, that enables you to make as many global fee-less transactions as your growing business requires.

Because it’s not a bank.

Okoora isn’t here to replace banks, just to keep them more honest, transparent, and competitive. We’ve established multiple channels for executing transactions, making banking institutions from all over the world available to our clients.

Because it’s about you.

And realizing your business objectives. Transform how you plan, conduct, and manage your global financial transactions. Whatever type or size of business you are, Okoora offers you a global pathway to engage with your teams, suppliers and clients with greater convenience, transparency, and control – and without currency barriers.

So now you know why. But what does Okoora mean?

Derived from the term au courant: the state of being current; fully
aware; up-to-date; in-the-know.
Okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management (ABCM™)
platform keeps you current with the state of your multi-currency
business, so that you know how to react in the moment

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