Streamline Currency Management Workflows with okoora's ABCM™

The ERP of Currency Managment

Looking for a cloud-based solution to manage your multi-currency business? Welcome: ABCM™ is the only platform in the market to provide end-to-end workflows for all your currency needs, regardless of the size or type of your business.

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It’s a centralized hub that integrates payments, currency risk management, AI-driven decision support, and multi-currency account management.

Streamline processes

It’s no longer necessary to rely upon multiple banking, information, and trade systems. ABCM connects all of the dots effortlessly, enabling you to plan, analyze and execute transactions in one continuous process.

Cut operational costs

It’s ABCM’s winning equation: fewer systems to navigate + reduced worker hours + less margin for cross-platform errors = greater efficiency and increased cost savings.

Automate the currency lifecycle

Connect every stage of the currency lifecycle, from receipt to payment, in a single workflow. ABCM enhances your operational bookkeeping processes across multiple accounts and systems.

Enhance cashflow predictability

Avoid unpleasant surprises and sidestep market volatility. ABCM increases your cash flow stability by incorporating sophisticated market risk capabilities into your currency transactions workflow.

Track & Process Payments

Receive and send payments in any currency and to any destination with real-time tracking. Automated processing enables you to plan your payment schedule in advance, in sync with your cashflow needs. From single to bulk recipients, never lose sight of outstanding due payments or revenues. By centralizing the money workflow in one continuous process, you can optimize the allocation of your funds and keep less cash in reserve.

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Manage currency Risks

Minimize the effects of volatile markets on your cashflow. ABCM’s proprietary risk management tools help to analyze, estimate, and quantify the possible impact of the market on your cashflow.

Enjoy the benefits of our automated risk policy wizard that leverages the experience of thousands of companies according to your specific profile. Take the most reliable course of action to manage your currency risks, by locking rates and hedging – quickly and intuitively. Get Started

Manage cashflows

Plan your future cashflows by making more informed estimates. The ABCM platform gives you a birds-eye view of all the information you have on hand across numerous projects and subsidiaries, and in multiple currencies and locations.
Sync incoming and outgoing payments with active currency transactions. Get a more realistic assessment of your finances so that you can better achieve your budgetary goals.

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Collaborate among teams

Simplify planning, analysis, and transaction execution across your extended organization. ABCM enables collaboration among anyone who oversees a budget or has a hand in paying a supplier or service provider – and even external auditors and business partners.

Grant permissions based on job functions and maintain full control through multi-signator administration. Enjoy 24/7 global teamwork and create customized currency management workflows. Get Started

Automate Analysis and Reports

Generate insights automatically, directly from your currency operations. ABCM affords the flexibility of scheduling reports on a wide variety of topics from payments, cashflow, and risk analysis, to fair value, balance statements and beyond.
Sync your internal data and performance indicators with real-time market information. Send reports to stakeholders within your organization, as well as to external auditors, investors, and business partners.

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Currency At Your Command

Ramp up your global presence. Okoora provides you with instant and ready-for-work access to over 100+ currencies.